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A  zero waiting period for Return on Investment (ROI).

Fixed Monthly Returns: Since these properties are already occupied by companies at the time of purchase, a lease agreement is already signed, security deposit collected, and lock-in period defined. Hence, a monthly return is fixed and assured. 

Tax Saving: The rent received by the buyer is taxable. However, a 30% standard deduction is always allowed for repairs and maintenance, regardless of the actual amount spent. This means that you save tax on 30% of the amount and pay tax for 70% of the rent income received.

High Capital Appreciation: The preleased properties in our inventory are all premium grade real estate assets, which are located in prime or developing-prime locations, and are tenanted by reputed corporate identities. These parameters play a vital role in helping the property reach high capital appreciation.

Easy Bank Loans: Financial institutions lend loans easily for pre-leased / rent-earning properties, even to the tune of 90% of the cost.